Rockin' Horse Stables



Children's parties with
Rockin' Horse Stables can include
Pony Rides, Wagon Rides and Sleigh Rides.


There are several options for your party
with Rockin' Horse Stables including:

• You come to us,
and we help host the party at our farm

• We bring the activities to you!
We can come to your party with
our pony, carriage, or wagon


When we host the party~

-Parties at our stable can include
pony rides, wagon/sleigh rides,
or the combination of the two

-A party room to host your event,
we can host up to 40 people in our
party room and decorated barn

-A play area for the children

-An indoor location for the pony rides
if the weather doesn't accommodate
for outdoor riding



~245 Arundel Rd. Kennebunkport, Maine ~ 207-967-4288~